Monday, 20 June 2011

Why I'm Blogging...or at least trying to ; )

I started selling online in 2003, back when there was really only one game in town. I was an early childhood educator at the time, and with my own children being younger, I had very little time to spend online at all, but a friend of mine asked me to help him out selling some BSA motorcycle parts he had. I've always loved anything vintage, anything with a history, and I had accumulated so many things, online sales was a great way to not just "get rid" of things that I loved, but to actually pass them along to other people who appreciated them as much as I did.
My addiction to garage sales and estate sales had a purpose! : )
Recently, the rules changed, and with new policies in effect, it wasn't so easy to get the exposure needed to sell anymore. I looked for new venues, found a GREAT group of people to help me along, and started learning new terms (for me, at least) like "bounce rates" and "hash tags".
I'll use this blog as a showcase for things I sell, and write a little something here and there, maybe share some things I'm learning about, and try to help others along the way.


  1. I like this, sincere and to the point, what's not to like, and hey why schlepp around looking for stuff in the heat we have now, spending big bucks on gas when sellers like Jewel will do it for you! Great blog from a fabulous seller.

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  3. Very Very nice and well written, I look forward to reading more

  4. Great Job Jewel! or should I call you "Estate Sale Extraordinaire"! :)


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