Sunday, 26 June 2011

Getting Organized - Vintage Style! Plus Contests and Giveaways

I've really started to enjoy blogging, and this coming week I'd like to start having certain topics on certain days, I just haven't decided what and when yet. Stay tuned for a better organized blog...which brings me to today's theme...organization with a vintage flair! How's THAT for a segue? ; )
I've always liked the colors of vintage metal containers. They range from vibrant to a subdued shade that you only seem to find in vintage items. They're very versatile, depending on your color scheme and the room you have in mind. You can store anything from cotton balls for the bathroom to macaroni in the kitchen. When my kids were smaller, I liked to have a variety of sizes and colors to store their toys. It made it easier for them and nicer to look at.

I have been mentioned in The Steady Hand Blog. The is a small write up on me and the items I sell, as well as a FREE giveaway of one of my items. It's a great blog with a lot of deals, contests, and great items, so check it out : )

In my last blog post - you know the one, it's right under THIS one ; )- I started a contest. All you have to do is show Canada some love! ; ) I'll re-post the rules here.

CANADA ROCKS Trivia Rules: 

Eh) Runs from July 1, 2011-July 31, 2011
B) Follow my blog! : )
C) Email me your answers at any time from now until July 31st, and then post "Canada Rocks!" in the comment section
D) After you make your purchase, just put the words "CANADA ROCKS" with your shipping request so I can make the proper adjustments to your invoice.



1) How do you like your Timmys?
2) What is Poutine?
3) Name at least 3 Canadian hockey teams
4) What and when is Canada Day? 

Good Luck, eh!

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