Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Does Growing Up In The 70's Make Me Vintage? Vintage Dolls on Etsy and Bonanza

Canadian Made Inuit Doll on ETSY!
Since the recent death of my brother, I've been thinking alot about my childhood. I'm the youngest of 5, and the next youngest is 8 years older than I am, so if you do the math, you can just imagine how spoiled I was...or at least that's what my siblings claim ; )
I started collecting vintage toys, just pretty much looking for things I played with as a child. I could have retired in my 20's if I had kept the toys I had back then! My sister is almost 12 years older than I am (lol...I added that "almost 12", just in case she reads this), and I inherited not only all HER old Barbies, but all of her friends as well...I was like a little mascot, and my Barbie collection just kept growing. Then there were the Liddle Kiddles my mother bought me. I had the jewelry, the accessories, the animals, the story book set...my collection was huge!
Krissy on Bonanza!
Then there was my all time favorite doll...the Krissy doll!....with the growing hair and that original orange dress. I played with her the most. I'm not a collector now by any means, but I still love the look and feel of those old dolls. I just hope that at least some of my old dolls made it into somebodies collection.


Don't forget to try your hand with the CANADA ROCKS trivia question!! Check my last blog (just below!), and let's see how well you do!

Canadian Regal Doll on Bonanza!


  1. At least being "vintage" is one step above being an "antique" ; )

  2. If growing up in the 70s makes you vintage, what does that make me? My children grew up in the 70s. I guess that makes me a real antique. :)

  3. That makes you incredibly valuable! ; )


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