Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Listings On Bonanza : )

Newly listed on Bonanza!
Retro style metal bread box
I am just about to list this beautifully vintage canister and bread box set on Bonanza, so I thought I'd give my blog another try.
I absolutely love the look of vintage metals, and I go out of my way to find old bread boxes. We have this great turquoise one in our kitchen, but this milk chocolatey brown color is very warm, and looks great with other earthy tones.

 I had another set in a deeper brown, but my college bound son snagged that pretty fast. Luckily I had this pretty hard to find single loaf one hidden away. I love the retro lettering! : ).
Bonanza Bound!
May and June are great months for Garage Sales, Estate Sales, and Yard Sales in my small local area. We have entire communities that get together and make a Garage Sale Week End! This year, I missed every single one of them. My brother John recently passed away after a long illness, and my heart really wasn't in it. Fortunately, I came across this GREAT group of sellers...The Fireside Girls, as I secretly call them...they offer online sales help, information, marketing advice, humor, encouragement....just about anything you can think of to help each other along. I'm hoping to add their links as my blog GROWS (hint-hint) follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook, check me out on Bonanza and Etsy, or drop me a line... : )

JewelsThings on Bonanza!/JewelsThings
Me and John


  1. Love the canisters, wish you all the luck in the world, Kathryn, idealshoppe

  2. Great blog beautiful items. I enjoy the way you write, so much like you are here talking to us in person, keep it up.

  3. It is wonderful how welcoming and inviting you are to your readers! Wait, is that the same thing? :) Very personable entry bringing authentic-ness to your blog by paying tribute to your brother. Sorry to hear of your loss. We are here for you if you need us, Jewel. Prayers for strength for you and your family.


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